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Get on the cutting edge with AI and data analysis.

My name is Dr. Rob Toth, and I am the founder of Toth Techhnology. I have a Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering with several published patents and over 20 peer-reviewed publications on artificial intelligence (click here to view my publications).

Here at Toth Technology, we build custom artificial intelligence and data analysis solutions for our client’s business and clinical problems. We will leverage your company’s data to systematically build tailor-made predictive models using tomorrow’s cutting edge technology. Our expertise is in knowing how to transform and analyze your data into accurate predictive systems to solve specific business problems.

We know how to work with text, numeric, image, and medical data to create accurate models.

We have technical expertise in C++, Java, Python, Matlab, Octave, Mysql, AWS, and popular deep learning frameworks such as Caffe and Tensorflow.



Current and former clients include:


“Rob’s analytical acumen is balanced well with his business orientation. He works at an expeditious rate and delivers the highest quality work at an excellent value. I have truly enjoyed working with Rob on a few projects over the last several years and look forward to our future collaboration.”

-Bob McRae, Chief Technology Office of Semler Scientific, Inc.

“We have worked with Dr. Toth for over 5 years to analyze data for our long-term clinical trial on laser treatment for prostate cancer and have been extremely pleased with his work. He works professionally, intelligently, and efficiently on his analytics, and he has successfully represented our team’s research at professional conferences.”

- John F. Feller, M.D., Diagnostic Radiologist & Founder of Desert Medical Imaging

“Working directly with Dr. Toth over the past few years, I have been very impressed with his skills at analyzing our clinical data, and his contributions to our research team have always been very highly valued.”

-Bernadette Greenwood, Chief Research Officer of Desert Medical Imaging